Some Providers of Alternative Energy

Amelot Holdings is a business which currently focuses on the development of biodiesel and ethanol plants throughout the US.

Amelot’s objective is to establish relationships in between numerous providers of alternative energy who are biodiesel and ethanol researchers or producers to enhance their ends with long-term success and growth in mind.

Amelot furthers the reason for these alternative energy providers through the solution of joint ventures, mergers, and building contracts.

Environmental Power is an alternative energy provider that has 2 subsidiary business.

Buzzard has an 83 megawatt power center which generates green energy from mined coal waste. Given that 1982 we have developed, owned and run hydroelectric plants, community waste jobs, coal-fired producing centers and tidy gas generation and energy healing facilities.

Intrepid Technology and Resources, Inc, is a business that processes waste into natural gas as an alternative source of energy.

The company’s vision centers on the reality that the US produces 2 billion lots of animal waste every year, while at once the United States’ supply of gas is dwindling.

ITR constructs natural waste digesters local to sites of natural waste. These facilities produce, tidy, and distribute the methane gas from the natural waste; methane gas is a practical option to gas. ITR is presently running in Idaho with prepare for nationwide expansion.

Nathaniel Energy is a company with the goal of securing the environment and decreasing total expense of business ownership.

The Nathaniel Energy Total Value Preservation System (TVPS) offers companies unique advantages through Nathaniel’s acknowledgment of the alternative energy potential of products that are typically viewed as absolutely nothing more than waste or pollutants.

Nathaniel Energy’s technology allows it to extract and change into alternative energy virtually all of the potential energy locked in waste materials. All of this is produced at practically no extra cost beyond what a business would have needed to spend in order to install pollution control and avoidance systems.

Nathaniel Energy’s innovative TVPS recuperates valuable resources which other procedures fail to. Throughout the entire process, the maximum amount of important product is recuperated for reuse, which leads to reduced expenses and environmental protection.

Usual contamination clean-up and control procedures deal with these materials as mere impurities that are either damaged or discarded. The TVPS for that reason reduces the total cost of company ownership through the arrangement of an additional stream of earnings.

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